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High performance globe valve (HPGV) is the best design ever to deal with drain applications under severe operation conditions. Bronte Valves Ltd offers HPGV of which seat and internal trims can be replaced in situ, whilst conventional drain valves (either ball valve or globe valve) can not offer the possibility that seat and internal trims can be renewed in situ. Once valve trim is damaged, both globe valve and ball valve have to be cut off from pipeline before they can be repaired or replaced with new trim or complete new valve.

Bronte Valves offers renewable trim design for drain valve application, where valve seat and internal trim can be easily removed and replaced without cutting off the valve from pipeline during plant overhauls. HPGV helps to save tremendous amount of cost on drain valve maintenance and save enormous energy by preventing drain valve leakage.

With HPGV for drain application, valve will last as long as plant life installed without the need for being cut off from pipeline.

Bronte Valves Ltd offers HPGV with specially designed seat and disc to prevent erosion at sealing area, as a result the valve seat and disc will last much longer than those of conventional valves used.

HPGV is the best solution to your drain valve issues, and will help you to save cost and energy on drain applications.


Product Range

T Pattern: 15 - 65 mm

Y Pattern: 50 - 100 mm

Class: ANSI 900 - 4500

End Con.: Socket/Butt Weld, Flanged

Operation: Manual, Electric, Pneumatic

Body Material: A105, F22, F91, F304, F316, and Specials

High performance globe valve