Control Valves

Control valves


  • Globe T pattern or Angle Pattern
  • Cage Trim Design with High Rangeabilities
  • Full Range of Cage Trim from Single to Multi-Stages
  • Balanced, Unbalanced & Polit-Operated Trims
  • Precise Control with High Stabilities
  • Tailored Trim Design for Special Application
  • Low Noise Level
  • Easy Maintenance with Removable Trims
  • 4-20mA Input & Output with Pneumatic or Electric Operations
  • Remote Controls with Fully Integrated into DCS Systems

product range

Size: 25 mm — 450 mm

Rating: ANSI 150 — 4500

Bonnet: Bolted Bonnet

Body: Cast or Forged body

Operation: Pneumatic or Electric

End Connection: Butt Weld, Socket Weld, or Flanged